Tygart Lake State Park Viewing:   Six Person Cabin Bedroom
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  • Two cottages accommodating six persons
  • Three bedrooms, one full bath
  • See 4 person cabin bedrooms for a similar tour of 6 person bedrooms
  • Modern design
  • Fireplaces
  • Electric heat
  • Modern kitchen completely furnished with cooking utensils, dishes, linens, towels and blankets

  • Also available are six cottages accommodating four persons and one fully handicapped accessible cottage accommodating four persons.
  • Lodge Room
    Executive Suite

    2 Person Cabin

    4 Person Cabin
  • Bedroom One
  • Bedroom Two

    6 Person Cabin

    4 Person Accessible Cabin
  • Bedroom One
  • Bedroom Two
  • Bathroom

    Conference Room

  • Tygart Lake State Park